Deadlines Approaching – What you need to know about renewal and filing at Registrar-General’s Department

In case you aren’t aware, next week Tuesday, that’s 30th April, 2019 is the last day for annual filing and renewal of business registration with the Registrar General’s Department for this year. According to the regulator, failure to do so attracts a penalty of GHS400.
The renewal fee is as follows:
Sole Proprietorship – GHS25
Partnerships – GHS50
Limited Liability company (by shares or by guarantee) – GHS50
Subsidiary Business Name – GHS50
What’s needed:
For Sole proprietorship, you need to just fill up an annual renewal form. However, before doing that, make sure you have filed any amendments in business particulars within the year. This includes changes in the nature of business, principal place of business and even transfer of ownership. These changes can be effected in the form.
For companies limited by shares or guarantee, you need to have your audited financial statement for the year under consideration, pick up your annual returns form and fill it. Most of the details needed to fill that form are already in the company registration documents. However, if there’s been any change in the company particulars such as change in directors, auditors and shareholding structure among others, you need to file those changes first before doing your renewals. All those forms are here (click to access)
Don’t forget to file your returns and renew your business’ registration before next week Tuesday to avoid the penalty of GHS400.

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