Switching from Wave to Built

We are glad you’ve made the decision to switch to Built. Before we start, we have a special package to ease your switching from Wave to Built. We are offering you migration support and a free 12 months Starter Package on Built. Click here to sign up for it.

Here are simple steps to help you switch to Built easily:

1. Set up your Built account:


The first step to switching to Built is to setup your business account on Built. Below is an article to help you get that done seamlessly.

Setting up your business on Built

It involves creating your free Built account at www.builtaccounting.com or by downloading the Built app on Google PlayStore.

2. Create (Import) all customers, suppliers (vendors) and products into Built


Now, create all your products and services, customers and suppliers (vendors) in Built. You can do this by first exporting from Wave and going to the various pages – that is Customers, Suppliers, Products & Services and importing them. The best way to do this is to download the sample file formats from Built and paste in the contents of your exports from Wave accordingly.

3.  Customize the charts of accounts in line with the ones in Wave:


The next step is to customize your charts of accounts in Built in line with the one in Wave or your previous accounting software. Charts of Accounts can be located at the left-hand navigation menu by clicking on  Accounting >> Charts of Accounts. You can create, rename and even delete accounts to suit what you need.

4. Extract your account balances

Now, you need to extract the balances on each account you have in Wave. To do that, go to Reports, and click on Trial Balance. Generate that report and export it either as PDF or CSV.

5. Enter the account balances in Built:


Now that you have all your account balances, click on Settings on the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu and select Opening Balances. If you have been invited as an accountant on that account, click on Accounting > Manage Journals > Opening Balances. Give it a narration like Opening balances from Wave and give it the same date as the date you exported them from Wave. Then one by one, select each account and enter its balance just as you have it saved from your Wave account.  Both sides must of the accounts must tally for you to be able to save it.

Now you can compare the balances on the opening balances in Built with the trial balance you generated in Wave to confirm if everything tallies. If they do, then congrats! You have successfully switched to Built. You can also save all your historical financial statements/reports for year ended for future reference.

Built is offering a 12-month free Starter Package to ease your switching from Wave to Built. We will provide you with migration support as well. Click here to book. You can also book by calling us on 030 397 4832.

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