DM for price and other strategies you should fix to increase your sales this Easter

Today, we are coming in to help you fix one key problem that’s hurting most online businesses: DM for price.

Imagine supervising a day’s work at your supermarket. The aisles are packed with shoppers, and items are getting restocked one after the other.

However, every 5 minutes, a shopper comes to you to ask for the price of an item. They go and pick another item, then run to you to ask for the price. What’s more? They mostly aren’t buying the products. You discover that 60% of them are window shopping.

By the time your day ends, you will be overwhelmed from quoting the prices of every item verbally, and that’s if you quote them accurately; frustrated from the fact that you didn’t sell as much; and your chin will hurt from over-smiling.
It’s the same with not quoting prices on your products when you post them online. You will spend more time generating low sales when you ask your customers to DM for price than you would when you post the price in the caption.
“DM for price” is as frustrating to closing a sale as it is to making a purchase of a product.
Often, the general perception is that quoting a product’s price in the caption increases competition from other online vendors, but that’s irrelevant when you are running a customer-oriented business.

On your blind side, these are some ways DM for Price affects your business negatively, making you lose sales:

  1. It creates a barrier to entry: When potential customers are required to send a direct message in order to obtain pricing information, it creates a barrier to entry. This means that some potential customers may need more time to contact the business. In today’s fast-paced world, people want information quickly and easily. By requiring potential customers to go through an extra step to obtain pricing information, businesses are putting themselves at a disadvantage.
  2. It can be seen as unprofessional: Asking potential customers to send a direct message for pricing information can be seen as unprofessional. It gives the impression that the business is not organized or does not have a clear pricing structure in place. This can be a turn-off for potential customers who are looking for a professional and reliable business to work with.
  3. It can create a negative customer experience: When potential customers are required to send a direct message for pricing information, it can create a negative customer experience. It can be frustrating for customers who are looking for quick and easy communication. This frustration can lead to a negative perception of the business and ultimately lead to lost sales.

So, what can businesses do instead of using the “DM for price” method?

Here are some ways to fix your sales by avoiding DM for price:

  1. Display the price
    By displaying pricing information on your website or Instagram page, you are providing potential customers with the information they need upfront. This creates a positive customer experience and makes it easier for customers to make a decision about whether or not to work with your business.
  2. Readily provide details of the payment process on your Instagram highlight and website
    Reducing the stress a customer goes through to make a purchase from your business increases the potential of making a sale. Also, these days online scammers easily take advantage of unlooking customers. The best way to protect your customer from being a victim of an online scam is to provide a clear simple
  3. Use a pricing calculator
    Another alternative to the “DM for price” method is to use a pricing calculator. This allows potential customers to enter their specific needs and receive a pricing estimate instantly. This makes it easy for customers to obtain pricing information without having to send a direct message.
  4. Stay one step ahead — provide a detailed FAQ page as Instagram highlight on your page
    A key advantage of having a social media page is, it increases access to target market and drives sales while reducing constant in-person contact.
    A smart business owner takes into consideration all the frequently asked questions about their business and answers them in their Instagram highlights in wait for the interested customer. This quickens the decision-making process of the customer and quite frankly, makes them happy to make a purchase.
  5. Be helpful -provide a phone number or email address for pricing inquiries
    Finally, businesses can provide a phone number or email address for pricing inquiries. This makes it easy for potential customers to contact the business and obtain pricing information quickly and easily.
  6. Build confidence — share evidence of previous successful payments
    One thing online customers love, never having to stress themselves to find the information they want to complete their purchase.
    Sharing evidence of previous successful payments guides them and gives them the confidence to make their purchase.
  7. Show experience — share client feedback as testimonials on Instagram highlight
    Price, payment details, FAQs, and testimonials are the key things customers need to make a purchase. A business with all this information on its Instagram page will rake in more sales than a business that doesn’t because it is clearly communicating that it cares about the customer’s experience.

In conclusion, the “DM for price” method may seem like a harmless practice, but it can actually be detrimental to your business’s success on Instagram: by creating a barrier to entry, appearing unprofessional, and creating a negative customer experience. You are putting your business at a disadvantage if you do this.
Instead, consider displaying pricing information on your website or Instagram page, using a pricing calculator, or providing a phone number or email address for pricing inquiries. By doing so, you can create a positive customer experience and increase your business success.

Go ahead and put these into action, thank us later.

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